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Ben Draiman

Ben Draiman

Newday Tuesday time again and this time we’re being a bit more mellow.

This one is bound to spark controversy because he is far from being as heavy as our usual recommendations.

As far as talent is concerned, however, Ben Draiman has it in spades, feeling none of the pressure that one would expect from having a megastar older brother. (more…)

CD collection

Is hoarding the only alternative?

Those of you who have read my previous posts or know who I am at all will know that I am something of an audiophile, especially as far as metal and it’s associated sub-genres are concerned.

Recently, while pondering the wonders of the world, my mind stumbled to the idea of whether or not the mainstream media‘s avoidance of this branch of music has meant that some of us have taken to compulsive collecting.

Despite the examples of Chris Evans and Elton John, two of the most famous audiophiles in the world and owners of two of the largest independent CD and Vinyl collections in the world, the question remains: are the followers of niche markets forced to resort to compulsive music collecting, be it CD, Vinyl or MP3, to be able to appropriately keep up to date with their passion? (more…)