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Disturbed @ ACC - Music As A Weapon Tour

Disturbed @ ACC – Music As A Weapon Tour (Photo credit: TonyFelgueiras)

Ok so Sarah may have had a bit of a hand in this selection but there we are, it’s an incredible album and well worthy of a place in our Vintage Sundays feature.

The second millennium was heralded in with this debut barrage of lyrical supremacy and anthemic godliness from Draiman and co. and was the starting point of over a decade of incredible tracks from the Chicago four-piece.

Bringing up the rear of the true nu-metal era, and hitting the scene before Linkin Park‘s monumental Hybrid Theory commercialised the genre, the album didn’t storm to initial success but has since gone on to reach multi-platinum status in the US. (more…)

Be Silent: Living loud!

Be Silent: Living loud!

Tuesday is breaking bands day at Keep Calm and Rock On, and today we have someone we premiered last weekend, Be Silent.

Still in their first year as a band they were one of the many who got in touch on twitter and we think they have real potential.

The quartet from Laihia, Finland sound Trivium-esque, bringing their own brand of melodic metal to the world.


As day two of the festival rolled round the weather hadn’t been much kinder and the floor was just as awful as the day before. No delay today and the bands all struck up at the expected time so, without further ado, here are my thoughts on the pick of Saturday’s acts. (more…)

The Countdown is over but keep an eye out for next year.

The Countdown is over but keep an eye out for next year.

The polls are closed, the votes have been counted and no I can officially declare that the winner of the 2012 Metalize This rock countdown, with 44% of people including it in their selection… (more…)

Main Headline Act Trivium


Trivium and In Flames


Insense, Rise to Remain, Ghost


O2 Academy Newcastle

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Trivium and In Flames stormed the O2 academy in Newcastle this week.

As the UK leg of the Defenders of the Faith III tour Newcastle were treated to five hours of spectacular metal from one of the greatest lineups to play the venue since the Avenged Sevenfold/Stone Sour tour last year. (more…)