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Français : Cradle of Filth au Hellfest 2009: D...

Cradle of Filth at Hellfest 2009: Dani Filth. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

While THORsday ended last week we’re keeping it’s spirit alive with our brand new Black Metal Thursdays.

In this feature we’ll bring you the best of from the original, to the obscure and to the more modern and commercial successes.

All of this has a place in black metal, even the sell outs can still have a truly earth shattering sound an this is proven in no small part by this week’s entrant, Cradle of Filth. (more…)

Keep Calm and...try not to get soaked

Keep Calm and…try not to get soaked

It’s that time of the year again mother-truckers. It’s time for us to give you the highs and lows of the festival in convenient bite sized chunks.

This year’s festival was pretty wet, not the total washout of last year but not the driest of places.

As always bands are rated between 0 and 5 so lets get down to it. (more…)