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This totally wasn't done in word or anything....

This totally wasn’t done in word or anything….

Campaign time here at Keep Calm and Rock On and we hope you’re feeling charitable this winter.

None of us are big runners and as Movember is here Luke and I thought we’d have a beard off.

Sarah and I have both lost family members to cancer, so we’re trying to raise a minimum of £250 for Macmillan Cancer Support. (more…)


imageMiddlesbrough was brought to it’s knees once again as Teesside’s annual alternative festival shook the very foundations of the Students’ Union with a four stage rock epic.

Of course Sarah and I were on hand to keep an eye on proceedings for you and as well as our interviews with the wonderful I Divide, Blitz Kids and Bury Tomorrow, we managed to catch a load of bands too!

So here it is, our pick of Make a Scene festival. (more…)

Keep Calm and...try not to get soaked

Keep Calm and…try not to get soaked

Another day another review, lets get cracking!

Saturday was a bit slow for us, partly because Sarah and Luke are lazy and weren’t in the festival mood, and partly because they hadn’t much of a personal interest in most of the bands who were on.

Nevertheless I soldiered on and had a look at whoever I could catch. (more…)