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Another week, another set of breaking bands.

This week we’re highlighting the synth metal of Hammerforce, a great band from Russia.

These guys have a great sound, bringing a synth and proggy side to their power metal, with amazing results. (more…)

King Diamond

King Diamond – inspiring makeup for the masses (Photo credit: geinography)

More black metal from viking inspired sources here with Trollech.

This pagan metal from the Czech Republic caught our eye and with a very King Diamondesque look too them we definitely approve.

Although many people could be put off by non-English lyrics I would suggest that you give these a go anyway. (more…)

Dave chillin'As a compulsive CD collector and a music fan of pretty wide taste I’m occasionally asked questions by people wanting to start up their own collections, namely where to begin.

With millions of albums out there people don’t know where to start so here’s my attempt at a starting point, with 10 albums that the fledgling metalhead must have in their collection. (more…)

Nevermore Band Split

Posted: April 22, 2011 in Music News
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from left to right: Warrel Dane, Van Williams, Jim Sheppard, Jeff Loomis

Century Media announced that Nevermore have lost a guitarist and a drummer to a rift in the band.

Axeman Jeff Loomis and drummer Van Williams announced their departure from the seattle based group yesterday afternoon saying: “The time has come to pursue our own paths from the group. (more…)