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...And Justice for All (album)

…And Justice for All (album) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

This week we pay himage to the 25th anniversary of Metallica’s “…and Justicefor All”.

The first post-Burton Metallica album has become one of the most recognisable pieces of album art in metal history, with a huge musical range and memorable tracks.

This album was the first to feature Jason Newsted on bass and gained the band their first Grammy for the iconic “One”. (more…)

Keep Calm and...try not to get soaked

Keep Calm and…try not to get soaked

The third and final day and guess what….the sun came out!!

Good times were had by all on the most packed day of the weekend.

So lets get cracking, here are some bands you won’t wanna miss. (more…)

Dave chillin'As a compulsive CD collector and a music fan of pretty wide taste I’m occasionally asked questions by people wanting to start up their own collections, namely where to begin.

With millions of albums out there people don’t know where to start so here’s my attempt at a starting point, with 10 albums that the fledgling metalhead must have in their collection. (more…)

The final day of the festival arrived and with it came the sun, and not just any sun, full on baking heat belted down on Castle Donnington all day long. Another full day for me, this time kicking off with… (more…)

As day two of the festival rolled round the weather hadn’t been much kinder and the floor was just as awful as the day before. No delay today and the bands all struck up at the expected time so, without further ado, here are my thoughts on the pick of Saturday’s acts. (more…)

From front to back: Trucker Diablo, Fallen Red and Metalize This' David Smith

Here at Metalize This we have developed a deep love for the music of Northern Irish Juggernaut Trucker Diablo and last Friday we were lucky enough to grab a quick chat with the guys before they played their first headline date over here in England.

This reporter, however, was ever so slightly disappointed not to see the Trucker’s signature vehicle (from these photos) rolling through the streets of Newcastle. (more…)

Main stage at Download festival, 2005. Photo b...

HEADLINERS for two of the main UK music festivals have been announced this week with Metallica and Black Sabbath being announced to play Download Festival‘s Tenth Anniversary festival and legendary god of shock rock Alice Cooper set to play Bloodstock.

Metal giants Metallica will perform their best-selling self titled album, known by fans as the ‘Black’ album, from beginning to end at Donnington Park next year.

Co-founder Lars Ulrich said: “Six years is way too long to be away from the hallowed grounds of Donington Park. We are beyond psyched and feel privileged to come back once again to soak up the energy and vibe of the most legendary of festival sites.” (more…)