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Iowa (album)

Iowa (album) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I love Sundays because it means I get to waffle on about another album from yesteryear.

Now a lot of you will be surprised by this choice, “no,” you will say, “this album can’t be old enough to be a ‘Vintage Sunday’ feature.”

Yet here we are in 2013 looking back to 2001, 12 years ago when a group of nine raucous individuals banded together under the name of “Slipknot” to release one of the greatest nu metal albums ever. (more…)


imageMiddlesbrough was brought to it’s knees once again as Teesside’s annual alternative festival shook the very foundations of the Students’ Union with a four stage rock epic.

Of course Sarah and I were on hand to keep an eye on proceedings for you and as well as our interviews with the wonderful I Divide, Blitz Kids and Bury Tomorrow, we managed to catch a load of bands too!

So here it is, our pick of Make a Scene festival. (more…)