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Viking Metal group Týr of the Faroe Islands in...

Viking Metal group Týr of the Faroe Islands in Hamburg (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Viking metal from the Faroe Islands? It mys be THORsday.

We love Thursdays at Keep Calm and Rock On and here’s a little known band called Tyr to pillage your ears and plunder your headphones.

The band, named after the viking god of war and justice, are due to release their 7th studio album “Valkyrja” next month. (more…)

Album art for Turisas2013

Album art for Turisas2013

Another week is upon us and this is the time we admire musicians fit to grace the very halls of Valhalla and this week it’s my favourite MOFO (Musicians of Finnish Origin) Turisas.

An obvious choice for this feature I think you’ll agree but I was wearing my Turisas t-shirt so I thought it was time.

They premiered their new album in full on a Finnish radio station earlier this week and it’s an absolute belter, one of my most anticipated albums this year. (more…)