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Ben Draiman

Ben Draiman

Newday Tuesday time again and this time we’re being a bit more mellow.

This one is bound to spark controversy because he is far from being as heavy as our usual recommendations.

As far as talent is concerned, however, Ben Draiman has it in spades, feeling none of the pressure that one would expect from having a megastar older brother. (more…)

Français : Cradle of Filth au Hellfest 2009: D...

Cradle of Filth at Hellfest 2009: Dani Filth. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

While THORsday ended last week we’re keeping it’s spirit alive with our brand new Black Metal Thursdays.

In this feature we’ll bring you the best of from the original, to the obscure and to the more modern and commercial successes.

All of this has a place in black metal, even the sell outs can still have a truly earth shattering sound an this is proven in no small part by this week’s entrant, Cradle of Filth. (more…)

Be Silent: Living loud!

Be Silent: Living loud!

Tuesday is breaking bands day at Keep Calm and Rock On, and today we have someone we premiered last weekend, Be Silent.

Still in their first year as a band they were one of the many who got in touch on twitter and we think they have real potential.

The quartet from Laihia, Finland sound Trivium-esque, bringing their own brand of melodic metal to the world.


Worshyping at the metal altar

Worshyping at the metal altar

It’s Tuesday again and that can only mean one thing…let’s check out some breaking bands.

This week  we’re taking a closer look at a band we gave airtime to on saturday, canadian thrash group The Worshyp.

Heavy metallers from Toronto, The Worshyp, are a four-piece outfit with a sound that will rattle your windows right out of their frames. (more…)

English: KISS playing at Sauna Open Air 2010, ...

English: KISS playing at Sauna Open Air 2010, during their Sonic Boom Over Europe Tour. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

It’s Sunday again and that can only mean one thing, it’s time to look back and salute an album of yesteryear.

This is another of my personal favourites and there is no denying it a place among the greatest party albums.

One of the most iconic albums of the 80s and one that immediately springs to mind when one thinks of Kiss. (more…)

King Diamond

King Diamond – inspiring makeup for the masses (Photo credit: geinography)

More black metal from viking inspired sources here with Trollech.

This pagan metal from the Czech Republic caught our eye and with a very King Diamondesque look too them we definitely approve.

Although many people could be put off by non-English lyrics I would suggest that you give these a go anyway. (more…)

Grey Sky Eternal looking frosty (Photo Credit: Grey Sky Eternal)

Grey Sky Eternal looking frosty (Photo Credit: Grey Sky Eternal)

Our twitter account has been practically exploding this weekend.

With new talent coming out of the woodwork we have enough am for this feature for months.

We’re going to pick up again this week with a band from the twittersphere called Grey Sky Eternal. (more…)