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Iowa (album)

Iowa (album) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I love Sundays because it means I get to waffle on about another album from yesteryear.

Now a lot of you will be surprised by this choice, “no,” you will say, “this album can’t be old enough to be a ‘Vintage Sunday’ feature.”

Yet here we are in 2013 looking back to 2001, 12 years ago when a group of nine raucous individuals banded together under the name of “Slipknot” to release one of the greatest nu metal albums ever. (more…)

Worshyping at the metal altar

Worshyping at the metal altar

It’s Tuesday again and that can only mean one thing…let’s check out some breaking bands.

This week  we’re taking a closer look at a band we gave airtime to on saturday, canadian thrash group The Worshyp.

Heavy metallers from Toronto, The Worshyp, are a four-piece outfit with a sound that will rattle your windows right out of their frames. (more…)

Grey Sky Eternal looking frosty (Photo Credit: Grey Sky Eternal)

Grey Sky Eternal looking frosty (Photo Credit: Grey Sky Eternal)

Our twitter account has been practically exploding this weekend.

With new talent coming out of the woodwork we have enough am for this feature for months.

We’re going to pick up again this week with a band from the twittersphere called Grey Sky Eternal. (more…)

Tom of I Divide

Tom of I Divide

This week we’re bringing you a breaking band that we adore.

If you’re a regular listener of the show you’ll have heard our interview with them at Make a Scene festival in Middlesbrough and if you were at Download or Leeds, you may have caught their sets on the big stage.

This week, we bring you…I Divide. (more…)


Well you’ve read the reviews, you’ve heard what we have to say on the matter and now it is time to crown the winners and losers of this year’s festival.

We’ve split the bands into eight categories with three nominees in each, the three are all as worthy as each other but there has to be a winner.

So let’s get down to it, here are the winners of this year’s Keep Calm and Rock On Download Awards.

Album art for Airbourne's third studio release "Black Dog Barking" (photo credit: Roadrunner Records)

Album art for Airbourne‘s third studio release “Black Dog Barking” (photo credit: Roadrunner Records)

Aussie hard rock act Airbourne are set to embark on a UK wide headline trek at the end of November.

Following huge success with their sets at Download Festival and the Metal Hammer Golden Gods, the band are looking to build their UK presence with an 11 date tour with support from The Treatment and Orange Goblin. (more…)

Keep Calm and...try not to get soaked

Keep Calm and…try not to get soaked

It’s that time of the year again mother-truckers. It’s time for us to give you the highs and lows of the festival in convenient bite sized chunks.

This year’s festival was pretty wet, not the total washout of last year but not the driest of places.

As always bands are rated between 0 and 5 so lets get down to it. (more…)