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Ben Draiman

Ben Draiman

Newday Tuesday time again and this time we’re being a bit more mellow.

This one is bound to spark controversy because he is far from being as heavy as our usual recommendations.

As far as talent is concerned, however, Ben Draiman has it in spades, feeling none of the pressure that one would expect from having a megastar older brother. (more…)

Disturbed @ ACC - Music As A Weapon Tour

Disturbed @ ACC – Music As A Weapon Tour (Photo credit: TonyFelgueiras)

Ok so Sarah may have had a bit of a hand in this selection but there we are, it’s an incredible album and well worthy of a place in our Vintage Sundays feature.

The second millennium was heralded in with this debut barrage of lyrical supremacy and anthemic godliness from Draiman and co. and was the starting point of over a decade of incredible tracks from the Chicago four-piece.

Bringing up the rear of the true nu-metal era, and hitting the scene before Linkin Park‘s monumental Hybrid Theory commercialised the genre, the album didn’t storm to initial success but has since gone on to reach multi-platinum status in the US. (more…)

English: Dan Donegan disturbed

English: Dan Donegan of Disturbed and Fight or Flight (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

It’s time for another installment of our Newday Tuesday feature where we take a look at up and coming or new bands and give them the exposure that they deserve.

This week we’re going to be looking at Fight or Flight, one of the three projects to feature members of Disturbed.

Dan Donegan and Mike Wengren, guitarist and drummer for Disturbed, have taken advantage of the band’s hiatus and launched the side project to capitalise on Donegan’s writing talent. (more…)

This week we’re looking at relatively slim pickings in the form of new material.

I am, however, desperately looking forward to the coming of Disturbed‘s “The Lost Children” and also curious to explore As I Lay Dying’s “Decas”.


With the end of the weekend in sight  the traditional British weather once again made an appearance.

The heavens opened to an extent where two campsites were flooded out by 5pm but that didn’t stop any of the acts from giving outstanding performances, or from drawing a huge crowd. (more…)