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Grab the corpse paint, stretch those vocal cords and get ready to scream into the night along with this week’s Black Metal Thursdays

This week we’re taking a look at Satyricon, another band from Norway who have bounced back onto  the scene this year with their latest self-tit;ed disc.

As a lover of black metal I find these guys lean more towards the Merciful Fate side of the genre as opposed to the screaming carnage of Mayhem. (more…)

Dimmu Borgir og Kork i Oslo Spektrum

Dimmu Borgir og Kork i Oslo Spektrum (Photo credit: NRK P3)

Thursdays are heavy days here at Keep Calm and Rock On HQ (to be honest so are most of the other days too) and therefore we are spending another week celebrating black metal.

This week we’re travelling north to Norway, the Scandinavian home of Dimmu Borgir, a band named after the unusually shaped lava fields and rock formations of Iceland’s volcanic plains.

Beautifully symphonic instrumentals coupled with some epically hungry guitar leaves a breathtaking listening experience. (more…)

Français : Cradle of Filth au Hellfest 2009: D...

Cradle of Filth at Hellfest 2009: Dani Filth. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

While THORsday ended last week we’re keeping it’s spirit alive with our brand new Black Metal Thursdays.

In this feature we’ll bring you the best of from the original, to the obscure and to the more modern and commercial successes.

All of this has a place in black metal, even the sell outs can still have a truly earth shattering sound an this is proven in no small part by this week’s entrant, Cradle of Filth. (more…)

King Diamond

King Diamond – inspiring makeup for the masses (Photo credit: geinography)

More black metal from viking inspired sources here with Trollech.

This pagan metal from the Czech Republic caught our eye and with a very King Diamondesque look too them we definitely approve.

Although many people could be put off by non-English lyrics I would suggest that you give these a go anyway. (more…)

Emperor playing in Hollywood CA, Photo by Apeshit of flickr

Emperor playing in Hollywood CA, Photo by Apeshit of flickr

It’s THORsday again and that means it’s time to celebrate the joys of Viking Metal, a genre which lifts the spirit and motivates the mind…or something like that.

Now I always feel pumped after a good bit of Viking Metal and these guys tick all the boxes.

Recently announced to be reforming, and headlining Bloodstock 2014,, I give you…Emperor. (more…)