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Album art for "Hail to the King"

Album art for “Hail to the King”

LA metal giants Avenged Sevenfold have announced a release date for their sixth studio album.

“Hail to the King” will be the band’s follow up to 2010’s Nightmare, and their first without the writing and drumming talents of Jimmy ‘the Rev’ Sullivan.

The new disc, due for release August 26th, has a lot to live up to, with “Nightmare” debuting at number one and spawning three number one singles in “Nightmare”, “So Far Away” and “Welcome to the Family“.  (more…)

Keep Calm and...try not to get soaked

Keep Calm and…try not to get soaked

The third and final day and guess what….the sun came out!!

Good times were had by all on the most packed day of the weekend.

So lets get cracking, here are some bands you won’t wanna miss. (more…)

photoPretty much every member of the Keep Calm and Rock On team is doing anything but keeping calm  about the impending leviathan of metal that is Download 2013. In fact I think it’s pretty safe to say we’re bouncing off the walls with excitement (especially now that it’s been announced that they’re going to be serving ‘The Trooper’ at the bar).

For those of you who heard the show on Saturday you’ll know which big name’s we’re looking forward to and you know where our clashes are and why this makes us a bit miffed but what we didn’t touch much upon were the smaller bands.

Here are a pick of ten of the smaller artists and the unknowns at this year’s festival that you may want to check out if you can find the time between zip lining from stage to stage. (more…)

CD collection

Is hoarding the only alternative?

Those of you who have read my previous posts or know who I am at all will know that I am something of an audiophile, especially as far as metal and it’s associated sub-genres are concerned.

Recently, while pondering the wonders of the world, my mind stumbled to the idea of whether or not the mainstream media‘s avoidance of this branch of music has meant that some of us have taken to compulsive collecting.

Despite the examples of Chris Evans and Elton John, two of the most famous audiophiles in the world and owners of two of the largest independent CD and Vinyl collections in the world, the question remains: are the followers of niche markets forced to resort to compulsive music collecting, be it CD, Vinyl or MP3, to be able to appropriately keep up to date with their passion? (more…)

Saturday arrived and the sun was blaring.

The Emergency Ponchos were packed away in return for sun cream as the masses ambled merrily to the arena for an 11am start to the acts.

Here are a few of the more memorable acts of the day. (more…)