Review Ratings Guide

Ok so a lot of sites/magazines etc will give each band a rating at the bottom/top of a review but its difficult to know what the band is being “marked” on.  So here is a brief guide to the conditions we’re looking for when reviewing a gig. each condition is worth 1 point and the points are then totted up to get the rating out of five.


This is pretty self explanatory, if the band doesn’t sound good then there’s really not much of a point them being there. This isn’t a subjective thing, however. If I don’t like the music but still think that it’s technically good enough then they will still get well marked in this category.

Band chemistry

We’ve all seen it. If you go to a gig and the members of the band don’t get on it comes across in the performance and it isn’t a good show. Therefore, a point shall be awarded/docked depending on how the members of the band interact on stage and/or appear to get on.

Audience interaction/reaction

This is kind of like marking the audience a little bit, which on the surface may not seem fair but if a band can’t get the audience on side with the links between the songs in their performance then there’s a problem. This isn’t quite as important for support acts so I tend not to look too closely there but a support act should at least have half the crowd minimum not standing there looking bored and the main act should have mosh pits going all over the place. \m/ \m/

Stage presence

Another one which is pretty self explanatory. If the band don’t look right up there and don’t really own the stage then it drags down the performance and with it the audience’s enjoyment of the show.


This one can be a bit unfair as well as a bad sound tech can ruin the rating but it’s kind of on the band to ensure that their levels are set right and the music sounds as good as it can. If you’re in a band and your levels are wrong TELL YOUR SOUND GUY. The audience can hear that its off and no one wants a sub-standard show

Well that’s how it works. So no whining if I give a band a low score. I HAVE MY REASONS.

Bonus points will be awarded for…

Blood Injuries – Because we admire the dedication of anyone who just plays on through their pain rather than going home after throwing up. (I’m looking at you Bieber) That and it looks pretty metal.

Acrobatics – It gets the crowd wound up and as long as you don’t take it too far and become daft with it (i.e. 90 foot stagedives) then it looks cool.

Free stuff – Everyone loves free stuff and throwing stuff like CDs and t-shirts and things that are more than just picks and drumsticks will endear the crowd to you.

Hot Chicks – We’re not being sexist because Sarah suggested this and she’s a girl so there. Hot chicks get the crowd riled up and having fun too, hell just go to a Chthonic show for an example of how this works.

Being Welsh – Because I like Wales and the Welsh that’s why, and I’m in charge so there.


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