Vintage Sundays: The Sickness

Posted: October 13, 2013 in Blog, Vintage Sundays
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Disturbed @ ACC - Music As A Weapon Tour

Disturbed @ ACC – Music As A Weapon Tour (Photo credit: TonyFelgueiras)

Ok so Sarah may have had a bit of a hand in this selection but there we are, it’s an incredible album and well worthy of a place in our Vintage Sundays feature.

The second millennium was heralded in with this debut barrage of lyrical supremacy and anthemic godliness from Draiman and co. and was the starting point of over a decade of incredible tracks from the Chicago four-piece.

Bringing up the rear of the true nu-metal era, and hitting the scene before Linkin Park‘s monumental Hybrid Theory commercialised the genre, the album didn’t storm to initial success but has since gone on to reach multi-platinum status in the US.

Regular listeners to the show will be all too familiar with Sarah’s idolisation of Disturbed, and pretty much any other musical project David Draiman touches, and although I’m no stranger to teasing her about this I have to agree with her.

Draiman has a musical midas touch, turning everything he touches to musical gold, bringing classics and anthems from every project he involves himself with, whether from a band or production standpoint.

Evidence of Draiman’s talent is as obvious here as it is in Device’s debut album and the new Trivium disc, he can do no wrong musically and with truly epic tracks like “Down with the Sickness“, “Droppin’ Plates” and “Violence Fetish” this album is a perfect ecample of his immense talent.

That is not to give him complete credit, however, the rest of the band are just as talented, proven nowadays in another side project, and a previous newday tuesday, containing guitarist Donegan and drummer Wegren, Fight or Flight.

My favourite track from this album though, has to go to “Down with the Sickness”.

A predictable choice, and some might say overplayed, however I defy anyone to avoid a mosh pit in a rock club if this starts shaking the building.

Cue the screams, and the “monkey noises” and MOSH.

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