Newday Tuesday: Embrace the Abandoned

Posted: October 1, 2013 in Blog, Newday Tuesday
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Tuesday is upon us which means we get to dedicate the day to unearthing new artists.

Today’s gem is Finnish metalcore band Embrace the Abandoned

The five-piece, heavily influenced by bands such as Parkway Drive and August Burns Red, began playing together in 2011.

Their excellent combination of strong, emotional melodies and a kick-ass attitude has already made them popular in their hometown of Koupio and they have no plans to stop there.

They published their first EP last spring and are eager to start touring abroad particularly in counties such as Japan and China where the metal scene is exploding.

The determination of these guys and the genuine enjoyment for what they do is evident in their music and tracks including ‘Letters to my Shadows’ and ‘True North’ have already got our presenters singing along.

We think these guys are great and really want to see them doing well so throw your support behind them.

Don’t forget that if you’re in a breaking band looking for exposure, or friends with someone who is, you can always contact us via our facebook and twitter and by emailing

  1. vemppi says:

    very good!!

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