Vintage Sundays: Iowa

Posted: September 29, 2013 in Blog, Vintage Sundays
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Iowa (album)

Iowa (album) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I love Sundays because it means I get to waffle on about another album from yesteryear.

Now a lot of you will be surprised by this choice, “no,” you will say, “this album can’t be old enough to be a ‘Vintage Sunday’ feature.”

Yet here we are in 2013 looking back to 2001, 12 years ago when a group of nine raucous individuals banded together under the name of “Slipknot” to release one of the greatest nu metal albums ever.

Not only was this album an instant classic it also bucks the trend of “that difficult second album”.

This follow up to the Iowa mob’s self-titled effort of 1999 blew the doors clean off the nu-metal scene in a time where the genre was starting to struggle, following the commercial success of Linkin Park’sHybrid Theory” which drove once successful bands like Coal Chamber and Limp Bizkit underground.

Slipknot @ Soundwave P1040338

Slipknot @ Soundwave (Photo credit: Doctor Grondo)

Slipknot, however, broke this trend too to not only go gold, but also to beat “Hybrid Theory” in chart positioning, flying to number one in the UK.

The track list is comprised of Slipknot classics, and staples of their setlist.

The four singles released from this record were met by massive critical acclaim among the metal community, even gaining favour with many mainstream publications, however it still failed to win over Entertainment Weekly who couldn’t really get over the violence of it.

Personally I love it, it’s raw and brutal and for the most part one of the most energetic pieces of recording ever produced, guaranteed mosh pit material and enough to have me moshing through my breakfast at 5:30am (yes that happened).

My favourite track, by far, is “The Heretic Anthem” which, besides being incredible music, birthed my favourite download festival chant of all time.

This album is another must own, and a 10/10 from us and anyone with a dissenting opinion is just downright wrong.

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  1. The Box Man says:

    love IOWA too, great article. It is maybe my favourite of all nu metal LPs!

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