Black Metal Thursdays: Dimmu Borgir

Posted: September 26, 2013 in Black Metal Thursdays, Blog
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Dimmu Borgir og Kork i Oslo Spektrum

Dimmu Borgir og Kork i Oslo Spektrum (Photo credit: NRK P3)

Thursdays are heavy days here at Keep Calm and Rock On HQ (to be honest so are most of the other days too) and therefore we are spending another week celebrating black metal.

This week we’re travelling north to Norway, the Scandinavian home of Dimmu Borgir, a band named after the unusually shaped lava fields and rock formations of Iceland’s volcanic plains.

Beautifully symphonic instrumentals coupled with some epically hungry guitar leaves a breathtaking listening experience.

This coupled with soaring clean lyrics and ripping gravel-toned screams provides a depth of sound that paces itself, taking the listener from the speed of light to a snail’s pace and right back up again.

Personally, I love black metal, as a genre, a concept and as a sound (Luke isn’t too fussed on it but what does he know) and Dimmu Borgir bring the mythological roots of the genre and the overall sound to new heights and with the increasing addition of orchestral backing in their tracks there are few to match them for pushing the boundaries of a genre that has more die hard, straight minded fans than Slayer.

This bravery is rewarded, however with a huge, loyal and unquestionable fan base, and with tunes like this I can well see why.

They are, as their own site proclaims, “An inundation of power, a showcase of incessant skill, and above all, an intelligent manifesto of a highly intact creative force…Dimmu Borgir is…the most prominent symphonic black metal act in the world.”

who are your favourite black metal band? If you have any suggestions drop us a comment, post on our facebook wall, or tweet us, you can even email us at


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