Newday Tuesday – The Worshyp

Posted: September 10, 2013 in Blog, Newday Tuesday
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Worshyping at the metal altar

Worshyping at the metal altar

It’s Tuesday again and that can only mean one thing…let’s check out some breaking bands.

This week  we’re taking a closer look at a band we gave airtime to on saturday, canadian thrash group The Worshyp.

Heavy metallers from Toronto, The Worshyp, are a four-piece outfit with a sound that will rattle your windows right out of their frames.

Huge meaty riffs  with strong vocal melodies drive a sound ranging from prog to thrash with huge success.

The band’s new single, “Spirit Keyz” bridges the metal genre perfectly and should be the track to propel the band out of obscurity and into the metal spotlight.

We don’t know what’s in store for these guys but more widespread exposure can’t be far off, bringing with it a hell of a lot of thrash filled Canadian clout.

Think we’re wrong? Want to support a breaking band? Get in tough via our Facebook, Twitter or in the comments section. You can even email us at

  1. NN says:

    März Nova is a fake.

  2. max neckshredder says:


  3. brian glenn says:

    awesome band \m/ the worshypo

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